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Gratitude Sunday

cob house foundation turned hugel bed for wildflowers

The photo above captures the last remnants of Aaron's cob house foundation. You can see the rubble trench foundation and cinder blocks and various other building materials in the background. Aaron decided to bury all the building materials which could be safely returned back to the earth. The ground which I stood upon as I took this picture is the place of the second cob house foundation which has urbanite buried beneath it. It is sad to see a project with so much effort and sweat invested into come to a sudden end due to something as asinine as city code violation. Wildflowers will be seeded on top of the hugel bed after it is done. I am glad I got to document a portion of the building process in action, which you can view here. It is also sad to see a friend depart so suddenly. I wish him the best as he makes a life transition towards a new path.

I am grateful for:
  • Krishnamurti's wisdom for giving me clarity and calm.
  • the invigorating and meditative energy I receive while harvesting medicinal herbs. I harvested the leaves from a comfrey plant whose seeds originated in NorCal. It is one of my all-time favorite herbs. I feel most in my element when I am communicating energetically with plants as I harvest them. Next on my list is wildcrafting some elderberries. Oh geeez. 
  • beets. So beautiful and yummy.
  • the whimsical entertainment of Moonrise Kingdom, the new film by Wes Anderson
  • passing my classes with flying colors. I really do wonder how I manage to bullshit my way through institutional education.
  • releasing pent up emotional memories to a friend who listened.
  • my tendency to collect memorabilia in nature. I was staring at my room in awe today and realized this. I can't help this habit, but I love it.
  • the nourishment and subsequent buzz I get from nettle tea.
  • being at peace with all that has happened these past couple of months. Next time, however, I will make more of an effort to be grounded in my intentions.
  • the wholesome effect of nonjudgmental inward reflection and breathing deeply everyday
What are you grateful for? If you read this, I invite you to do a gratitude list with me, if you are so inclined!



Gratitude Sunday (on a Tuesday)

Being of the Sun by Alicia Bay Laurel - a great book

Hello, I've skipped a week of gratitude reflection, but that's alright. I have been having fun :-D I've finally quit my job for good! I am almost free... This weekend will be a time for celebration and relishing in my freedom!

 I am grateful for:

  •  my amazing friends who always make me joyous  
  • experiencing and appreciating the beauty of the May 20th solar eclipse with a friend 
  • a beautiful shared experience... It is now coming into light ... And I sense positivity. I am embracing it for what it is. 
  • tea tree oil. So powerful.
  • the comforting effect of lavender EO, especially before bed.
  • letting go of resentment. And of sadness that accompanied it. There's only a limited amount of satisfaction this gives me. It is time to look to the light and release all negativity ... 
  • cinnamon swirl hug on my birthday. What a crazy, exhilarating group hug! 
  • my recent birthday dinner at Avanti Cafe. Good food!!
  • my home and creature comforts. I will never take my comfortable life for granted. (Although some rustic living will be in order soon.) 
  • nettle herbal infusion with raw milk and honey and cardamom. You are the savior to my moon time. 
  • passing my classes at my last semester at SAC. Later SAC!

What are you grateful for?