I'm wwoofing on a farm on the Appalachian mountains in western North Carolina located about 1 hour north east of Asheville (which I have dubbed the "Portland of the south.") It's beautiful and inspiring. There are many amazing medicinal wild weeds here waiting to be picked. I've never enjoyed squash so much. I drank my first glass of raw goat milk. It was delicious. The nettles are on steroids. Everything is bigger in the south. Dessa and I got lost hiking in the Pisgah National Forest. I met Joe Hollis and his paradise garden; it truly is paradise. Interesting bar encounters. Blue Ridge Roller Derby. Young farmers. Artist farmers. Traveling folk. I'm gonna go upstairs and eat stuffed squash. Oh man. More words and pics later.


Paradise Gardening

Paradise Gardening
An essay by Joe Hollis of Mountain Gardens in Burnsville, NC
(Written 20 years ago but still relevant today)

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Ellen Page on the environment

Did not know she was an environmentalist, or even into permaculture. Am I the only one who didn't know this? Awesome.