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Herbal Sense Expressions: Ginger

At the beginning of each month, we are assigned a limited list of herbs corresponding to a specific system of the body that we're currently learning that month. The goal is to use an herb for about a month in as many different forms as possible (e.g. hot/cold infusion, decoction, simples tincture, food, capsules, etc.) to get to know the herb better. The hope is that the student can develop their own intimate relationship with the herb and understand the dynamic ways in which an herb interacts with the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of self.

My teacher, Lisa Ganora, mentioned the phrase "herbal sense expressions" during one of our organoleptic sessions while we were smelling and tasting and feeling how our bodies responded to certain herbal infusions in class. I really liked the ring to that phrase... I interpret it as how our senses express themselves in relation to an herb's interaction with the body's sensory organs. Since then, that phrase has stuck…

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