My friend, Ro, started a new local economy initiative website called localblu.  It's based on the similar concept of timebanking + craigslist style of communication with the intention of promoting community resilience in support of the Transition Movement.  It's still in its beginning stages, but things are definitely happening.  There's currently a blog on the website with posts on events in the local community and within the state of California.  Check it out at localblu.com!

People want politicians to change the economy, but that's never going to work. What if we took it upon ourselves to rebuild our local economies? It's going to take conscious movement. Follow the movement with localblu.com.



Slow Food San Gabriel Valley

A few friends and I are in the process of starting a Slow Food chapter here in the San Gabriel Valley.  We are hosting an "Interest" event with local food activists. Come by this Saturday, Nov. 12 @ noon!