Woman in the Wilderness (1923)
Alphonse Mucha


Life through Instagram

I can't help but be swept up by the Instagram wave... 
Life as of late (through the IG lens):

"All that we see is one."


a young Susan Weed

"Being authentic, being soul-propelled, is a moment-by-moment choice. It is the decision to forgo resentment, to relinquish grudges, to believe in bliss. It is the awareness of every step as a blessing. It is my consciousness in each breath, reminding me that I am connected to the plants, and through them, to all of life. Accepting it all -- the mess, the chaos, the pain, the insults, the senseless waste, the good deeds gone bad, the sheer beauty, the awesome power, the amazing perseverance, the stunning fecundity, the breath-taking coincidences – embracing it all, and loving it all, even within my self, is my path of authenticity, the real woman I wish the women of the world to know."

- Susan Weed


Gratitude "Munday"

I've been skipping out on my weekly gratitude reflections and I notice myself losing touch with my inner being, my essence... my spirit has lessened... my happiness fluctuates. I'm not sure if it's because I've been skipping gratitude reflections or the fact that I've been so out of touch with my inner truth that I've let myself be influenced by the ego's promotion of self-judgement, or neglecting solitude and daily meditation practice. It may well be a combination of all the above. I need to let go of ego. Change my vibration.

Instead of listing what I am grateful for this week, I will write out some affirmations to get myself back on track towards inner stillness and peace.
  • I am blessed.
  • I am unique.
  • I am joyful.
  • I am creative.
  • I am loved.
  • I am empowered.
  • I am whole.


Guerrilla Midwife documentary trailer (2009)

“In every country on this planet, there is a WAR being fought to gain an asset more precious than gold or oil. The battlefield is a woman’s body when she is most vulnerable and in need of protection… when she is giving BIRTH. In this war we stand to loose our humanity. At this pivotal moment of life individuals develop either an intact or impaired capacity to love. Protecting our capacity to love is essential to saving our planet. The inappropriate use of technology during birth has disempowered women, harmed the bonding process between mother and child, and has sabotaged breast-feeding and our essential human right to peace. At the heart of this war, perpetuated by the agendas of ‘big business’ and by our misunderstanding of the physiology of birth, we find the guardian of natural childbirth – the midwife.”


This is a documentary about a woman who inspires me: Robin Lim, an American midwife who is reinventing the protocols for pregnancy and promoting holistic childbirth. I was introduced to her last December when I was watching the award ceremony for CNN’s Hero of the Year, in which she won the award. (You can watch her acceptance speech here.) As I was watching her speak about her cause I felt in my being a sense of empowerment, because she, a midwife—a woman who practiced a tradition long ostracized by patriarchal modern medicine—and her work was finally recognized by the world. To me, she is a beam of hope for women seeking to restore their faith in their own natural power to give birth.


Help Tim Dundon

"The citations, by the county Public Health and Building and Safety departments, require Dundon to clean up the property or face a $459.70 fine. If he doesn't comply, Dundon could end up in a long hearing process and eventually have a county crew clear the property for him, said Building and Safety senior inspector Tommie Sakurai, who wasn't present on July 17." 
- Pasadena Star News 

More info about Dundo's predicament here and ways to help volunteer here. Here's where we can get the community together for a cause and help a man in need!