Herbal Aide Documentary coming Fall 2011

Herbal Aide is a non-profit based organization founded to document, inspire and fund grassroots herbal projects/businesses that are working towards creating positive, sustainable social change. The Herbal Aide documentary features herbalists who are using their passion for plants as a tool to support their community in health and healing.

More at herbalaide.org


Lost in Doubt

I'm becoming doubtful of my intended path and unsure of whether or not it is the right path to follow.  I keep thinking of forgoing "higher education" altogether and going to herbalism school--where my heart truly is and where I think I could fulfill my calling.  However, I still feel the urge to be involved in the issue of sustainable agriculture and food AGtivism ... My initial anger towards our current food system has turned into awareness and into passion and then into frustration and then into "Eh, change will happen eventually...."

I hear news day in and day out about another food item or household item being toxic, another corporation exploiting so-and-so, another article about how allopathic medicine does not promote health, blah blah blah.  Enough!  I am so sick of it.  What does this accusation all lead to?  This awareness of corruption and greed is overwhelming and makes me want to roll my eyes and hide under my blankets... and most likely sleep it all away.  Progressive media has the potential to become obnoxiously dogmatic and sometimes only intends to be an outlet for blame; it makes me angry.  Some days, I feel I am on the cusp of evading my responsibility to make this world a better place... Have I become hopeless?

Everyday, I am becoming more unsure of where I should go.  I'm lost.


Ginger For Cancer, Brain-Gut Inflammation, Radiation, Staph, More

Just made a batch of lacto-fermented ginger beer (not really beer, more like ale). Will post pics and a recipe later. But while I'm on the topic... here's an awesome article about the many benefits of ginger!

Ginger For Cancer, Brain-Gut Inflammation, Radiation, Staph, More


Videos from appalachia

Greenhouse/sleeping quarters tour

Getting ready to milk the Nubian goats, Rosie & Portia

Taking our early morning walk before starting the day

Skinning Black Snake... we ended up deep-frying the meat. Tasted like chicken!

I've also updated my photo blog with selected pictures of my trip WWOOFing in North Carolina.