I vow to...

Some health and food goals I want to accomplish:

Reduce gluten consumption and then eventually be gluten-free ... This breaks my heart. But it's a must. It'll cure my acute arthritis that I've recently developed. Hopefully.

Quit all refined sugars for good. Special days are an exception. Such as my birthday. Bc I'm human and I deserve life's guilty pleasures sometimes.

Quit processed foods (i.e. 'healthy' Granola bars, anything with more than 5 ingredients, with words I can't pronounce)

Only grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken and eggs. All preferably local.

Food swap more often. This will encourage local food consumption.

Consume more fermented foods. My next experiment will be beet kvass... Aka fermented beet juice.

Go on my anti-candida diet. This is also a must. Bc I have candida. I'm sure of it. Its presence reveals itself through my largest organ-- my skin.

Drink a daily green juice.

Eat more high-vibrational, foraged foods.

Supplement my healthy eating habits with nourishing medicinal herbs.

Eat a clove of raw garlic every day. Been doing this almost every day now for almost a month. It staves off my reoccurring staph infections.

Continue to drink raw milk. Organic Pastures brand all the way. But in the future, I'd love to be part of my local cow share.

Continue to grow my own food. Be conscious of cosmic energy and the soil.

Sooo these are not very far-fetched goals since it is already philosophically in line with my already daily habits. I'm so glad I wrote down these goals individually. It makes more sense and is clear now. I need to cure my candida. Most important. My arthritis is also important to address. Send some good vibes my way please.

I forgot: To supplement my healthy eating, I vow to meditate daily, even if I don't have time for deep meditation, I will do light meditation for 5 minutes or more. And lastly, I vow to simplify my life in positive ways. Always. That is all.


Moss graffiti how-to

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Pretty neat, huh?


Herbal posts

I think I will start sharing all the herbal notes I've been taking.  Every week, I'll share some information on a particular herb. I'll start next week!