Gratitude Sunday

learning to basket weave with melissa

I am grateful for:
  • Holly and Jake. Rishi's new farm bunnies! [Aren't they cute?!]
  • Janis Joplin's soulful music -- almost everyday!
  • The beautiful elderberry trees that are in bloom! I wildcrafted some today and hope to make some botanical medicine soon.
  • The joy that my friends continually give me.
  • Amy's Farm and the work and local, delicious food that they grow with love and dedication
  • Restorative asanas. They are invigorating.
  • The abundance of coconut juice in my house. 
  • The realization to take it slow and enjoy things/events as they come.
  • SPRING and the sensory overload of sight, smells, etc. of flowers in bloom, and the green California hills that are normally golden and parched.
  • Shifting my vibrations to manifest my desires!
What are you grateful for?

Love and light,


Gratitude Sunday

For yesterday (Sunday). My time for inner reflection.

 I am grateful for:
  • The people in my life who inspire me to live my inner truth. 
  • My quirky friends who give me so much joy.
  • The cycles of the vibrant moon. Helps me to be more in tune with nature and the seasons. It awakens my feminine energy. 
  • Expressing my true emotions. Whether or not it is reciprocated. 
  • Daily meditation. Unrushed. Feeling grounded. The precense of a meditation partner. 
  • Coconut oil. I love you, coconut oil. 
  • Cultivating kindness and positive, loving energy.
  • Nourishing herbs. 
  • Being true. 
  • Finding out that there's going to be a full moon on May 5th when I'll be in New Mexico. 
 What are you grateful for?

 Love & light, Christine <3


I'm alive

Hello world,

I'm still alive. Just been having a grand time living life. Pearl made me realize that I should quit my job and pursue my art. Perhaps, I will take that time that I would've worked to complete my herbal projects, help my friend build his mini food forest, partake in building a friend's straw-bale home and enjoy my last months in Southern California/LA County before moving to Santa Cruz come fall. I will choose this as a time to pursue meaningful relationships as well :-)

All love,

Christine <3

P.S. Photo project is moving in a good direction. Hopefully by end of summer, it will be complete!