THE 19TH and gratitude

Blue moon on September 1st

Since last writing in here, I witnessed two half-moons and 2 full moons in one month. It is a beautiful thing and calming to look up at the sky in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the human experience and to observe without thought or feeling at an energy source so beyond our measure and complete understanding. But it is beautiful and healing to vibrations, indeed.

I've noticed synchronicity in recent past experiences. There are parallel experiences appearing in my life as of late. I have been aware of it for a couple of weeks now and mentally weaving it together to extract understanding or meaning but to no avail. Why are these parallel experiences happening? Will I be able to grasp the truth by experiencing again similar past events...? I am awaiting for the answer to reveal itself to me in the future.

There have been some healing mantras that have given me peace these fast few days and I am so grateful for them.

This is what I am grateful for:
.+. Ginger beer gathering with my special girlfriends on the first quarter moon

.+. Summer fun at the beach thanks to Dessa's overwhelming generosity

.+. Focusing my mind on inner self-fulfillment

.+. Being atop Mt. Baldy and experiencing sunset. Nature is majestic and it's beautiful glow is something to be remembered with all senses.

.+. Being loving of my own unique frequency

.+. Redirecting negative thoughts and malevolent emotions to compassion and loving gratitude

.+. Having awareness of the present experience

.+. Rishi taking time out of his early morning to teach me pranayama

.+. The people in my life -- past and present...

On the 19th, I will be leaving this southwest region that I've grown to know to be in the middle of the state that I love. I will be in Santa Cruz. I will keep updated on my transition --- both physically and emotionally.


Sunset from atop Mt. Baldy

26 August 2012

Letting go ~

Emotions and awareness are numb. Crystallized. Letting unconsciousness engulf me like a warm embrace, yet it firmly grips my mind tangibly with its invisible touch. Sweet, carnal memories intrude upon my daily thoughts. You are everywhere. We shared the moon. I would rather let it go, let it sail on a cloud and go... to bliss, to freedom. I am dry of salt. I am moist with pleasure. I am love, and you are too. I am letting go without struggle. Like a leaf falling off a tree, I am letting go. With the breeze, with the air, I release...