cool cucumber soup with cilantro cream -- one of megan's
otherworldy vegan creations

helping megan with her vegan pop dinner. so much
admiration for this woman!

vegan pop-up dinner @ atwater village

comfrey infused coconut oil

precious baby Sitka

waterfall serenity at mt. baldy wilderness

nature's art

wild columbine (Aquilegia)

jackfruit madness!

sweet jackfruit!


Gratitude Sunday

Waxing gibbous moon on July 1, 2012

I am grateful for:
  • giving a helping hand to friends. Helped Rishi at market and Davey transfer his chickens and goats to their new home. They are so cute, by the way!
  • the calm of this particular summer day. Sunday is still and calm.
  • affirmations and the wise Louise L. Hay.
  • going about my day mindfully and perceiving each day as an adventure waiting to happen.
  • the roasted root medley I had today. So goooood! Beets, carrots, and potatoes that I dived from the Trader Joes' dumpster (oh yeah). It went so well with the basil garlic dip I bought at the farmers' market. Bomb.
  • finally being motivated to cook a home cooked meal almost everyday. Frugality is my main motivation right now. 
  • walking under the almost full moon this evening. See picture above.
  • deciding today that I will make a conscious effort to write my thoughts down on paper - for clarity and perspective

Other thoughts:
I've been having trouble meditating these past couple of weeks. I subconsciously choose to be stuck in negative thought patterns, and this somehow is magnified when I consciously decide to still my mind. Maybe I have not released these negative emotions fully. How can I release them in a wholesome manner, I ask myself. I never reached closure with Aaron's departure. It was a swift and unfulfilled connection... and now... nothing. I felt very numb to emotions at the time. I was repressing sadness so I could fast-forward the motions of detachment. Change should be gradual, I've learned. And now it's all rushing in and permeating my thoughts in negative ways. I combat this by fixing my thoughts in positivity. "I release him to his greater goodness," I tell myself. Aside from all this, however, I am happy and I know I will move on. You have to close a door to open a door.