Gratitude Sunday

sharing a delicious communal lunch with friends in New Mexico

I am grateful for:

  • my beautiful and strong Mama! Thank you for everything! I love you.
  • my adventures in New Mexico and all the wonderful folks I met.
  • being taught by Dr. Lad at the Ayurveda seminar. What an amazing soul.
  • all the cherimoyas I've had this season. Thank you cherimoya trees... The season is about over.
  • being grounded and focusing on my self... prioritizing.
  • the rejuvenation of meditation (especially early morning and at dusk)
  • a friend's decision to make his natural home into cob! Looking forward to partaking in the process :-)
  • my realization that I shouldn't dismiss the male energy that surrounds my friends. It is never overpowering or dominating. It is wholesome energy.
  • SPRING. I am enjoying this season as much as I can. It is a time for flourishing (and hopefully balanced) relationships.
What are you grateful for?



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